● To develop pupils’ ability to use English to communicate effectively;
● To help pupils to use English to acquire, develop and apply knowledge;
● To develop pupils’ interest in learning English and establish the foundation for life-long learning;
● To develop pupils’ generic skills and the ability to cope with the changing needs of society through responding and giving expression to their learning experience.

ENG-01 ENG-02

Reading Strategies
We adopt a variety of reading programmes and skills in order to fully develop our students’ reading habits and strategies.

Our reading resources include:

● Read Write Inc. lessons
● Reading aloud
● Poetry Reading
● Shared Reading
● PM Reading Scheme in the morning
● BookFLIX Reading Platform

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Writing Strategies
We adopt the process writing strategies to develop students’ writing skills.
We enhance students’ writing skills through G.E. exercises and worksheets.

ENG-05 ENG-22
Process Writing Holiday book report


Students use mind-maps to organise their ideas.
A variety of genres, like poems, letters, recipes, scripts, menus and riddles are included in the schemes of work.

ENG-06 ENG-23
Mind-map Free Writing


My Writing Journal provides opportunities for students to express their creative ideas.

ENG-07 ENG-08
My Writing Journal Writing Project


Listening and Speaking Strategies

To develop students’ listening and speaking skills, our strategy is to maximise students’ opportunity to speak and listen. We achieve this through the following means:

● Effective Communication Lessons (P.1 to P6)
● Drama Lessons (P.4 to P.6)
● Songs and Rhymes
● English Activities



BYOD in the Classroom

Various digital platforms and apps are used in lessons to enhance students’ language skills. Teachers make use of these means to foster teacher-student interaction in English.

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Native English Teachers

Mr Nathan and Miss Heidi are our NET teachers.




Students are trained to speak well in Drama Lessons
Students have a chance to perform on stage so as to strengthen their confidence in using English for communication.



English Fun Day
Different kinds of activities are organised to help students improve their English, like taking part in activity booths, singing English songs, spelling games, matching games and learning around the campus, etc.

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In the Classrooms

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Classroom Library Puppets
Back Camera Back Camera
Question Wheel Weather Chart


In the English Room

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Writing Board Garden of Good Manners
Supermarket Learning Station